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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Rosalind - ing ....

This post has been sat in my draft box for the last week.  The theatre is so busy at the moment, that I often don't even have time to open my laptop.

Last week, we had our last performance of our new ballet 'Rosalinde', we have now moved onto the Christmas run of 'Nutcracker' and 'Rosalinde' will return next year.  The past week has been a hectic time of rehearsing (and for me being a newbie) learning the choreography of this particular version of Nutcracker......  Today is our dress run, tomorrow is my premiere and then we pretty much dance it until the end of January.

Rosalinde was fun to dance.  I love the costumes and the set was amazing.  Waltzing around to music by Strauss set a wonderful aura on the stage and I'll look forward to it returning soon :)

As for now my concentration lies with Nutcracker and of course Christmas  :)

Love Charlie

1 comment:

crazzyyycoco said...

i was thinking to say hello today ,but you were busy and i was busy too with all the Rat and chief cook costumes ! :))) but maybe tomorrow ;)

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