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Friday, 28 October 2011

A Late Promise

I promised the Swan Lake premiere photos the day after we'd had the show..... I also had promised myself to get back on with daily doses of CharlieHearts...... that's two broken promises :(

Have you ever wished for more than 24 hours in a day and maybe 8 days instead of only a seven day week??!!!!  At the moment I feel like the hours and days just slip through my fingers and unfortunately CharlieHearts has been the one to suffer of late and I never seem to find the time to 'blog'.  :(

These were the photos I managed to get backstage at the premiere of my Swan Lake performance.   Swan Lake is a ballet very familiar to me, having danced three other versions with other companies! 
At the moment we are rotating Swan Lake and Manon on the stage...... whilst also in the midst of rehearsing Coppelia and Rosalind during the day.

So with my head swimming with choreography..... I literally dance it in the day and it follows me to my dreams each evening!!!!

And tonight is Manon....... so it's time to get back to the theatre...... and I really do promise to keep you updated :)

Love Charlie

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Swanning around...

Swan Lake seems to be a ballet that will forever follow me!!! 
 Today I had my premiere of the ballet, though not really my premiere of the piece, as this now is my 4th version!!!
So now as I sit in my pyjamas, all swanned out and ready for bed, I wanted to share yesterday's rehearsal photos before I post tonight's performance photos.....

I adore the theatre..... the atmosphere backstage, the sound of the orchestra warming up and the wings full of dancers preparing to make their entrances

Sweet Dreams from a sleepy swan!

Love Charlie

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Stage Rehearsal...  11am

Yesterday moved swiftly from my first stage rehearsal of Manon in the morning to my premiere performance of the ballet and with the company in the evening.

And after a successful rehearsal in the morning, at 7pm sharp my performance began.......

At the entrance to the stage ready for Act II.

 The hair and make up room is full during the interval before act III, with all the girls making ourselves down.....  The lavish makeup of act II (the photo above) is stripped off, our hair taken down and put under the cap, to look chopped and messy.  We cover our face and bodies with the dark make up and below is my final 'look'!!!  

Preparing myself for ACT III

and waiting back stage for my entrance...

The End......

and then it's all over......

The theatre has a lovely tradition that if you are receiving flowers from someone then they will be brought to you onstage in your final curtain call.....  I was touched to receive flowers and (lots) of chocolate and gifts as Toi, Toi's (good luck) gestures from my fellow colleagues.

And now time to get all of that hairspray out of my hair!!!!

With my premiere now complete, I hope to get back on with filling my CharlieHearts blog.  Though I know everyone understands how hectic these last few weeks have been and I appreciate the support I have received through my blog and FACEBOOK PAGE.  If you enjoy the blog please follow the page, it's always nice to meet the readers of CharlieHearts....

And for now a happy Sunday and a little rest, ready for Swan Lake next week :)

Love Charlie
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