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Monday, 31 January 2011

I fell in love last night.....

I just had to share with you this amazing Alexander McQueen dress that is way, way high on the top of my 'wish' list!

Last night, on a chilled Sunday evening, I caught a re-run of the 'Rachel Zoe Project'.
Sat there absorbing all the amazing clothes, this incredible yellow McQueen dress just really struck a chord with me.  So much so that i googled it immediately!

Modelled here by Helena Christensen in the 'Fashion for relief Haiti' benefit show, which closed with a homage to the wonderfully, talented late Alexander McQueen.  I felt i just had to share it with you.

So i hope you enjoy as much as I did  :)

Love Charlie

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Hope to meet you soon

Love Charlie

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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Brunch with my Super Stylish friend

Today was a glorious day for brunch with my ever so stylish friend.  
She's one of those girls who always look great and effortlessly chic....
Also a ballerina, she's wonderful on stage and off and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

Lisbon was sunny, warm and so inviting today,  so much so that we managed to wander all the way into town and out.  We ate a delicious brunch in Kaffeehaus, Chiado and had a lovely catch up, chat and laugh!

All in all it was a very pleasant Sunday.

Love Charlie

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lisbon Street Peeps

Saturday 29th January 2011


Do you think they realise how cool they actually look?!

I love the hats

A Stylish Saturday

Love Charliehearts

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today is the day.....


AND ALL IS WELL   ....................

A teacher at my school once uttered those very words to me and they have stuck firm in my head..... Whenever I'm worried or nervous about something, i always repeat it to myself.

Today was one of 'those days' and for those of you who know me or follow my blog will know that these last few days have been full of 'what ifs......'

And look I'm still here and all is well!!!!!!

I can be a bit of a nervous head sometimes..... I rethink things over  a zillion times and end up coming up with all sorts of crazy scenarios!!! Though one good thing that does come out of these 'moments' is a sparkling house!
I honestly get a cleaning attack and this afternoon i scrubbed, polished and swept the house nearly to its foundations!!!

I bought these trousers in the 'January sales', though it was actually Christmas Eve!!!  I loved them, but was a bit stuck with what to wear on my tootsies....
I figured they would look nice with heels, but as you will have noticed, with these Lisbon cobbles, it's not so often i wear them.  Anyway today we had an occasion that fitted smart shoes, so i finally got to wear the trousers.  Then of course i got....... well what top.....  The last time i wore this leopard one i was about 7 months pregnant!!!   Thus the bit of 'give' that you can probably see around the tummy area!

By the way if anyone can enlighten me as to why i can not follow/add people on my google friend connect you will forever be my friend!!!  I have these lovely people following me but i can't follow them back as it just comes up as ERROR....... So I'd be delighted if anyone knew why?!!!

Thank you
Sweet dreams

Love a stress head, polished, TIRED!!!!


My beloved Casio watch (soooooo glad i bought it!)
Diva ring (it suited the meeting!!!) Miss Selfridge
Black & Gold ring - Topshop

The Bracelet i customised myself.
Watch out for the jewellery line!!!

The gorgeous nail polish was a gift from my lovely friend xxx

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

FAB take 2

Today was a productive day at work, but i can't understand how i can be so tired at 5pm, but wide awake now at 1030pm and for sure won't be able to get out of bed when my alarm goes off at 7am tomorrow morning.
.  I'll do what i do every single morning which is snooze my phone roughly 4 or 5 times.... 
At least I'm lucky enough to get my cup of coffee brought to me in bed every morning.  That helps the waking up process!

As you can see I love my FAB things!!!  I have plenty more to post too!!!

I'm super motivated at the moment, more than usual anyway! I think a big part of it, is that i have such great classes with a really wonderful teacher..... wow it makes such a difference in your approach to your work when you start your day like that!

Tomorrow is another BIG day....... but then when tomorrow morning is done and dusted and all is well then I'll be a happy bunny......  So keep those positive thoughts coming tomorrow :)

Sweet Dreams

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Snappy Happy Tuesday

I had the most amazing ballet class with a Russian teacher today, but it totally wiped me out!!!!!  
Like a true baby, i even nearly nodded off on the way home.
So i will go to bed happy and probably wake up aching!!!!! 
But it was worth it :)

I got thinking about how much we must put our body through with ballet.  
But because it's something that i have done ever since i was barely out of nappies, i really take it for granted that actually what we put our bodies through isn't entirely 'normal'!!!!
So the next time i get angry with myself, that those 'pirouettes' on one leg, on the tip of my toe, my other leg bent up behind me and my arms above my head' don't work out so well...... I'll take a step back and rethink what i am actually asking my body to do and not get so frustrated!!! ;)

This is another of my FAB warm up suits, she knows me so well with the colours and style and this is one of my favourites :)

Stay tuned this week to see another FAB feature.

Tomorrow i will have two separate pieces of very important news that will put my career on a fresh path.  I  think I'm going to end up sleeping all night with my fingers crossed!

Please send me lots of positive, lucky thoughts!!!!

I have to remember that what will be, will be.
Everything happens for a reason.......

Sweet Dreams


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Monday, 24 January 2011

Style Crush

Olivia Palermo is still high on my list of 'Style Crushes',  she just never seems to get it wrong (well in my eyes anyway!) Plus her hair is always so perfect. Hmphhhh.... not fair!!!

This just makes me want to go shopping now!!!


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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mission 'Casio' Accomplished!!

Finally i got it and I'm super, super happy!!!!!!
After much deliberation, dragging myself around shops and ogling it through the shop windows, i eventually came to the conclusion that i did 'NEED' it!

So i am now a proud owner of this gold Casio watch!

Though now i have to remind myself that i am wearing it, seeing as last night at my friend's house for dinner i made the fatal error of asking the time!!!!!
Doh, i was the only one wearing a watch!!
Oh gosh, i may have dark hair now, but i certainly fell into the 'blonde joke' category with that one!!!
My excuse is that I've never accessorized with a watch ;)
I'll get the hang of it!!!

I absolutely love the Pamela Love Talon Cuff, so when i found this necklace the other day in H&M, i instantly fell in love!

Have a sunny Sunday


Shirt - New Look
Leopard top - Topshop
Jeans and Triple ring - River Island
Ugg Boots
Bracelet - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - H&M
Sunglasses - Primark

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