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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today is the day.....


AND ALL IS WELL   ....................

A teacher at my school once uttered those very words to me and they have stuck firm in my head..... Whenever I'm worried or nervous about something, i always repeat it to myself.

Today was one of 'those days' and for those of you who know me or follow my blog will know that these last few days have been full of 'what ifs......'

And look I'm still here and all is well!!!!!!

I can be a bit of a nervous head sometimes..... I rethink things over  a zillion times and end up coming up with all sorts of crazy scenarios!!! Though one good thing that does come out of these 'moments' is a sparkling house!
I honestly get a cleaning attack and this afternoon i scrubbed, polished and swept the house nearly to its foundations!!!

I bought these trousers in the 'January sales', though it was actually Christmas Eve!!!  I loved them, but was a bit stuck with what to wear on my tootsies....
I figured they would look nice with heels, but as you will have noticed, with these Lisbon cobbles, it's not so often i wear them.  Anyway today we had an occasion that fitted smart shoes, so i finally got to wear the trousers.  Then of course i got....... well what top.....  The last time i wore this leopard one i was about 7 months pregnant!!!   Thus the bit of 'give' that you can probably see around the tummy area!

By the way if anyone can enlighten me as to why i can not follow/add people on my google friend connect you will forever be my friend!!!  I have these lovely people following me but i can't follow them back as it just comes up as ERROR....... So I'd be delighted if anyone knew why?!!!

Thank you
Sweet dreams

Love a stress head, polished, TIRED!!!!


My beloved Casio watch (soooooo glad i bought it!)
Diva ring (it suited the meeting!!!) Miss Selfridge
Black & Gold ring - Topshop

The Bracelet i customised myself.
Watch out for the jewellery line!!!

The gorgeous nail polish was a gift from my lovely friend xxx

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Grysh said...

I love the trousers, very unique!
Leopard tops are very sexy :)

OT: Followed you on Google COnnect and Liked you in your Facebook Fanpage. Hope you do the same for me. :)

Fanny said...

you look beautiful! i love your jewels.

i can not help you about your google problem, i am not smart enough about those things. may be google your problem and you will found some answers x

Kirstin Marie said...

Beautiful photos! I love this outfit. The leopard print with the dusty mauve pants is gorgeous. Your hair is so long!!!

Kirstin Marie

p.s. I liked your facebook page!! :) You can find mine here, if you want:

Yerma said...

I've got the same watch. Really proud of it like you :)
I have a weakness for the leopard print too!!

Chloe said...

I love your outift so so much!
The trousers look amazing on you and leopard print is really in right now :)

Jaclyn said...

Love your outfit. The color of your pants are great, they look so cute with the leopard pattern

Brenna said...


Well, I apologize if you have already received this, but I love your blog, so I am passing this award on to you!!

See my post:

Keep it up! And I am following!

B :0 )

Lauren said...

gorgeous outfit!
you have amazing style!
following your blog, check out mine? ♥

Lauren said...

Love your outfit, the trousers are gorgeous!

Lauren from Lauren Loves...

Chic & Cliché said...

Love the entire thing :)
Your accessories are to DIE for!

and haha thanks, I'm following you now!

Death By Shoe said...

I am in love with these trousers! The color, the cut...gorgeous!!


Miss Viki said...

Love your outfit, trousers and the top :) xx Viki

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