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Monday, 10 January 2011

Mumble Jumble Monday...

We are so, so lucky to have our garden.  We live really close to the centre but at the same time have the peace and tranquility of our haven.  The flowers we have are amazing, plus we have the pick of a lemon tree, grape vines and as you can see below even bananas.... super tropical baby!!!
With all the rainy weather we've been having, the garden looks like a mushy, miserable leaf pit at the moment, but when it brightens it will definitely be worthy of it's own post!!!  So watch this space and pray for a sunny day :)

A mumble jumble of my fave shoes, patterned tights, a bit of Viv and jewellery pinched from my daughter!!!

My mum certainly knows my style and she picks the greatest presents. 
 This Vivienne Westwood skull necklace was a treat for Christmas and i adore it....  
Thank you Mum......  I LOVE YOU XXXXX

 As you know i love my rings and things!  The Hello Kitty's are 'borrowed' from my daughter's little treasures.  The pink eye bracelet is designed for my own jewellery line, which will be coming soon!! 
(I'm super excited about that new venture!)

The skull ring is Bershka and the double ring is Miss Selfridge xxx

I got this Juicy Couture bag in the January sales at Harvey Nichols in Leeds.
Travelling with a tot you really need a million hands and by the end of the journey i have bits and pieces mixed up all other the place! 
 I thought this would be perfect for my important things.... passports, tickets, phone and wallet. 
 I used it when i flew back to Lisbon this time and it proved it's purpose perfectly.  
So thank you Juicy!!!

The foil nails are gone..... but not forever!!! I'm going to order some more from ASOS.  This pink polish is by 'Barry M', they do a great range of cool colours, this particular one being 'Bright Pink'.  Definitely worth a try...

There will also be a GIVEAWAY coming soon.... so keep reading!!

Happy Monday and love to you all you darlings :)


Hillary said...

It is official...I ADORE YOUR BLOG!!! I just found it, and I am totally a new follower!!! Keep up the great work :) I love your bracelets & the necklace is fabulous!

Please check out my blog & follow me too :)

Karin said...

I love your rings and those shoes, the are just to die for.
What an uber fabulous outfit. I also like the new layout of your blog xxx Karin

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