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Monday, 3 January 2011

Welcome 2011

Back in Lisbon, after the most amazing break in England with my family and friends.
Christmas was special, though my baby was totally overwhelmed as to why she woke up to sacks full of presents!  Maybe next year she'll understand more as to what's going on! 
 We still did the tradition of leaving the drink and mince pie for Santa on the fireplace, even if i did have to take it out of her hands as she wanted to eat it herself!

My even darker hair (hard to believe i was blonde for the last twenty odd years!)

I love, love, love 'Topshop' jewellery and i went a bit stir crazy in the sales!
Plus I'm totally in love with the foil nail wraps i found in 'Boots'
 They were so easy to apply (well on my left hand, the right hand was a bit trickier!!!)  
These I've had on since New Years Eve and they are still looking lush!!!
I found some really cool ones on ASOS, so they are certainly on my TO BUY list!

So here's to an incredible 2011 and loads more Charliehearts blogging!!!

Love and kisses


Taja said...

LOVE the nails!had the zebra print once myself :)

Cathwell said...

Love the nail foils. Have to get myself some of those :o) So much better than chipped nail polish after 2 days! Cool blog :o)

Catherine L'well ;o)

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