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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Snappy Happy Tuesday

I had the most amazing ballet class with a Russian teacher today, but it totally wiped me out!!!!!  
Like a true baby, i even nearly nodded off on the way home.
So i will go to bed happy and probably wake up aching!!!!! 
But it was worth it :)

I got thinking about how much we must put our body through with ballet.  
But because it's something that i have done ever since i was barely out of nappies, i really take it for granted that actually what we put our bodies through isn't entirely 'normal'!!!!
So the next time i get angry with myself, that those 'pirouettes' on one leg, on the tip of my toe, my other leg bent up behind me and my arms above my head' don't work out so well...... I'll take a step back and rethink what i am actually asking my body to do and not get so frustrated!!! ;)

This is another of my FAB warm up suits, she knows me so well with the colours and style and this is one of my favourites :)

Stay tuned this week to see another FAB feature.

Tomorrow i will have two separate pieces of very important news that will put my career on a fresh path.  I  think I'm going to end up sleeping all night with my fingers crossed!

Please send me lots of positive, lucky thoughts!!!!

I have to remember that what will be, will be.
Everything happens for a reason.......

Sweet Dreams


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Taja said...

Perfect split!The colourfull trousers are so cute :)

Kirstin Marie said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Tona said...

thank you for my comment!
lovely pictures, i miss ballet :( i gave up two years ago!
Somethings Gone Awry

Cara said...

Love the ballet long have you danced? I am a dancer as well, although now I do it as a hobby only...lovely pictures!
xo Cara

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