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Thursday, 20 January 2011

My Beloved Shoes xxxxx

I can never complain about an uncomfortable stiletto when my feet are accustomed to wearing these 'delights' everyday!!!  My feet are so used to them that they don't even flinch when at 930 every morning they are slipped on to my feet......
I remember going to get my first pointe shoes as though it were yesterday.  I was excited beyond belief and spent the whole car journey home with them on my feet, they were  and a size 13 1/2 and since then i've gone through Gaynor Minden and Bloch but always revert back to my trusty Freeds.  
I sadly fear i would be lost without my pointe shoes!

I am a master at a french pleat in my hair!

Throughout my training and career i have faced many mile stones.  A huge one that is fiercely instilled into me is how i present myself (i will carry this with me forever). 
 I was just 16 when i moved to London to attend the English National Ballet School.  (I must press on the fact that i may have been 16, but probably looked 12!)  I had it drummed into me from almost day one to 'glam' myself up in a bid to look a bit maturer. 

 We were expected to have immaculate hair, a perfect uniform and i mastered the art of liquid eyeliner in a flash!

But now i can see how it works and how i (personally) feel so much better for the little extra touches that i have mastered from my days in ballet school.

It truly was the 'Vogue' of ballet.

I'll give you the full run down on it one day!!!

As i mentioned in yesterdays post we had a positive day, so i'd wandered into town and i treat myself to this new skull ring and bracelet.  I chose all charms that meant something to me and i also got one for my Mum with the exact same charms.  I'm really excited to give it to her......  

These were all removed after the photos of course, otherwise i'd have been liable for injuring someone!!! LOL.....

My very well cut, scraped, glued and sewn shoes.
Worked into my feet and having learnt lots of tricks along the way to make my shoes work for me.

Happy Feet!!!!


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1 comment:

Hillary said...

I love your blog!!! It is so cool that you do ballet...i just started ballet in September and I am 21!! I love it so much.

Great job!! Love reading you blog :)



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