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Monday, 24 January 2011

Style Crush

Olivia Palermo is still high on my list of 'Style Crushes',  she just never seems to get it wrong (well in my eyes anyway!) Plus her hair is always so perfect. Hmphhhh.... not fair!!!

This just makes me want to go shopping now!!!


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Fanny said...

Olivia is so pretty, she have so much style, like you say she looks amazing with everything x
thank you for your lovely comment, i follow you x
feel free to follow back x

Giorgia Student-Flair Blog said...

she might not be the nicest person on earth, but this girl has style for sure! I really love her style, she's always so perfect and put together ;-)

Kim Jackson said...

I have a huge girl crush on Olivia Palermo as well. She's always polished--even if she's just out for a Saturday stroll. Her bag collection is to die for. And you're right about that hair!! No fair. LOL

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