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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11.1.11 and my darling Tiffany.....

Introducing Princess Tiffany Grace!!!!

It's about time i introduced my beloved Tiffany!!  She's been a part of my life in Lisbon for the whole time I've lived here.  She was only a tiny kitty (see above!) when she came to live with me and I fell in love with her straight away (she spent the whole of her first night hiding behind that frog!)

As I've mentioned before, we now have a garden so it's great that she can bound around outside.....
Though at the moment the house next door is being reconstructed, so there's a whopping great big hole that leads onto the street at the front of the house (usually it's all walled around our house, so she can only be in the gardens)  So i'm super paranoid about her venturing too close to the road.... :(

Her different coloured eyes are so unique and she's such a sweetie and so loveable to match!

At my home in England, i have a beautiful kidney shaped dressing table..... I've had a 'thing' about them for as long as i can remember, so here in my house in Lisbon i really miss to have it.  I've been scouring furniture shops for ages to find one, but they've always had a 'but' to them, ie, falling apart, stupidly expensive, one was already sold and another i saw must have been made for a child!!! 

But as i live my life by the saying that everything happens for a reason, on Sunday i was reminded of that very mantra!

We randomly went to help a dear friend put up some new furniture Sunday afternoon and low and behold as we stepped into her hallway, there in front of my eyes was this kidney shaped dressing table!! Wow, i exclaimed, i've been looking for one of these for ages, i told her! 
 Can you believe she was about to throw it out........???

I need to find a mirror for it, it's poor little leg has been fixed and now i'm deciding whether to leave it as it is or paint it a different colour..... I've always dreamt of having a white one, but then i feel sad to paint it!!!! 
Mmmmmmmm decisions, decisions..... What do you think?!

I'll post more pics of it tomorrow........

I had a sickly baby today :(  I think it's teething... I wish i could take the pain for her, it must be wretched.
So we stayed home all afternoon, whilst she slept it off.
I thank Tiffany for being such a wonderful model for me!!!!

Lots of love and thank you to everyone's kind and wonderful messages and emails.  They mean so much to me...

Keep stopping by....


1 comment:

Fanny said...

we have a new cat too! your's is so pretty! i love cat's and dogs x

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