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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Him and the Hunters

My new friend!!!

I couldn't just leave him there, laying on the cold, wet floor at the Feira da Ladra.
So one measly euro later and he had a new home!
I just fell in love with the little man.

I woke up on a mission today!! 
I have this bright idea that I'd like an antique/vintage-esque cake stand,  not for cakes mind you!!!
 (More chance of me running through Lisbon naked, than all aproned up in the kitchen, covered in flour!) 
 I've dreamt up this image of having one for my many rings to sit in on my dressing table! 
(Like you do!)

So, of course, i figured the first port of call to hunt one down would be Lisbon's twice weekly market.
Last night i went to bed all happy and looking forward to getting up and setting off on my mission.....

Well, the wind howled all night long, the rain poured endlessly from the sky and when i awoke this morning it wasn't much different.  It was down right miserable...... :(

I moped around the house drinking copious amounts of coffee, til all of a sudden the rained stopped, the sky cleared and i saw my chance!!!!
Throwing on my wellingtons and coat (yes, my darling Hunters are getting their use!)  
Before i knew it i was down at the Feira da Ladra, scouring the stalls for my beloved wish!!!!

Of course i didn't find one (it's always like that isn't it?!) 
But this little chap was well worth the journey!  Along with my weekly orange hot chocolate and cookie, i arrived back home content...... and to even feel a little smug, literally the second my heavy front door slammed behind me, the heavens reopened and the torrential rain returned.

As my new little friend and I watched the rain splatter the windows, i knew, that like anything, things come to you when you least expect it...... and i wouldn't swap this little gem of a bear for anything!

Quick hot chocolate break!!!!!

Love and kisses from me and (the as yet nameless) little chappy


S and O said...

Oh that is a cute little doll!
Love the outfit :D

Monica said...

So cute your little friend... make me laugh this last picture :-)))

Like your hunters!

Kirstin Marie said...

Super cute pictures! I love your scarf!! It reminds me of a blanket I used to have as a child.

Kirstin Marie

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