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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Finally untangled!!!!

With travelling around alot (and of course my want to cart everything but the sink with me), my poor jewellery can not enjoy it at all.

My obsession with skull jewellery runs deep (one day I'll photograph all my stuff, i promise!) 
This is one of the first pieces i ever owned..... So imagine my disdain when i retrieved the poor blighter from my suitcase in a total tangled state :(

But after many pain staking hours it is now back to how it once was and where it should be...... 
Around my neck!!!!

I really need to figure a new way to carry my necklaces when i travel.
Wearing them all certainly isn't an option as I'd send the security machines into overdrive! 

Any ideas?


The necklace has lived with me for so many years i can't remember from where i bought it.
The 'LOVE' ring is Topshop.... Love it!!!

1 comment:

Taja said...

I keep my jewellery in decorative ceramic colourfull "dishes", but I'll have to find a different way to store them, cause I'm running out of space :) But while travelling I use kinda small padded box, don't know how to explain really - it looks like this one (,r:1,s:0) but smaller! But still you can put loads of jewellery in it :D

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