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Friday, 14 January 2011

Tea better!

Yesterday i felt the pits..... it's not often i get sick, so whatever i had was miserable.  I spent the whole day in bed and in the dark as my head felt as though it may explode any minute :(

Pffffffff, not fun.....
So I'm sorry for my absence yesterday, but I'm back now!!!!

I dosed myself up on tea with lemon and honey!

Is it an 'English' thing or a 'me' thing, that tea tastes so much better from the tea pot!
I heart, heart, heart my skull tea set, that was a gift from my wonderful friend Vicky. 
 So not only do i get a deeeeeelicious cuppa, but also fond memories of my amazing friend.....
Love you Vicky :)

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself today and after two days couped up inside the house, it actually hurt my eyes to venture out!  
At least i finally managed to have a look through my 'JJ' magazine, that a friend brought me back when he was visiting his home country of Japan!

I love Japan and everything Japanese and it's definitely on my wish list to visit there in 2011!!!

Here is another fabulous Christmas present from my Mum.
My 'Paul's Boutique' hoodie, she even picked the one that had Charlie written all over it - the skull on the hood!

Here's to a happy and healthy weekend :)

Love Charlie

1 comment:

Taja said...

This tea pot is soooo adorable! I have the same shaped one, just that it's colorfull! Sometimes drink from it, when I don't feel like drinking tea from a normal one :D

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