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Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas xxx

A very quick post to wish you all a very merry christmas.
At the moment we are having a wonderful time in England and i'm having an even better time in the shops!!!

Enjoying my new boots in the snow!!!

More pictures will  follow next week.......

Lots of love and kisses

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Flying entertainment!

Well, today we are flying to England....
Well that's if the weather permits :-/
We transfer in Amsterdam and with the bad snow over Europe, loads of flights are cancelled or delayed.....  I wouldn't usually be nervous, but travelling with a 20 month old.........
Keep your fingers crossed that all goes to plan and we don't get stranded in Amsterdam!
I took this photo before i knew of the delays - i may need to pack some more hand luggage!!

Kisses and love

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fall in love again...

J'adore, J'adore, J'adore

Personally I'm on the 'i like' side of the Carrie-o-meter.  Having loved Sex and the City from start to finish, i know and appreciate that Carrie's wardrobe choices probably are not to everyones taste.  But if like me you wouldn't mind so much to be stuck in Carrie's closet for 24 hours or so then read on.....

I have ended up posting on Carrie today as i was feeling a lack of love for my frocks.  So figured who better than Carrie to inject me with some inspirational than the style icon herself.

I must start with two of my two original loves.

The famous 'Carrie' necklace
and of course
the tutu entrance.

I adore this tulle skirt...

Strong, vibrant, statements....

'J'adore, J'adore, J'adore Dior'

I must say that this was one of my favourite outfits from the second film.  
I reckon, anyone who can get away with this combination walking around the souk is a winner in my books!  I love her bag and manically went on a hunt for one, even as my cinema seat was still warm. 
 Alas, i never did find anything that i fancied quite as much as this one....

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends so far.
Love Charlie


Belem's Beautiful Buns!!!

Mmmmmmm...... I woke up to beautiful sunshine and all inspired for a delicious brunch!
I haven't been to Belem in a while, so off we trotted to join the jostle of tourists and went to the famous 'Antiga Confeitaria de Belem' (Ru de Belem 90) for tea and a pastel de nata or two!!
You can not possibly visit Belem without stopping for a pastel de nata....... 
Served warm and sprinkled with cinnamon, they are simply delicious.  This tiled cafe with a zillion simple, pretty rooms has been serving them up since 1837. 
 It's a tourist hot spot, but in my eyes, worth it.

Belem (pronounced Ber-layng - i still can't say it right!!!) is a popular spot.  Set on the picturesque river and with a maritime history, it's definitely a nice place to spend some time.
It is from Belem that Vasco da Gama set sail for India in 1497, he returned with a ship full of pepper, in fact enough to pay for his trip 60 times over!!

The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos was built to mark his triumphant success - the discovery of a sea route to the Orient.
This was the start of the Portuguese golden age.......

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Granny coat & vintage sunnies

Seriously this coat is something that wouldn't look out of place in my Grandma's wardrobe! But that was part of the appeal of it, it's super kitsch-y and teamed with my faded jeans, Uggs and vintage sunnies, i reckon it works???!!!

This is a great viewpoint near our place in Graca, so peaceful to just stand and take it all in...
Bliss is the word of the day!

Sweet Blissful Dreams

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lisbon Street Peeps


Inspirational Sensational Sintra...

Sintra's atmosphere really varies depending upon the mood in which you catch it.
I've visited Sintra a handful of times and probably caught it's different feelings each time I've been.
I've seen it mean and moody, cold and wet.
Bright and glittery like a scene from Disney
and yesterday, peaceful and harmonious......

In all honesty, when we awoke yesterday morning, it was a foggy and misty day.  We decided to visit Sintra as we felt it would be a beautiful setting for some photos.  But of course, as luck would have it and as our journey progressed to the wonderful Sintra, the sun broke through the fog and clouds and it turned into a beautiful, glorious day.

Sintra was once the summer residence to Portuguese Royalty and if you ever happen to visit Lisbon, you should take a day in Sintra.
It has two of Portugal's most beautiful palaces, an incredible Moorish castle that stands on the top of a hill, with amazing views, a semi tropical garden and an outstanding modern art museum.
Even if those things don't interest you (which they are not for everyone) then it's just a lovely place to walk around and enjoy lunch!

That's what i mean about Sintra's many moods!
  What we thought was going to be a mysterious and lonely setting, turned into a peaceful, iridescent and heart warming sight.
  It was quite a glorious, perfect day in Sintra.

These boots are years old, but i still love them as much as the day i bought them.  They are 'Love From Australia' and have seen my feet through many a cold day!

The black ring is from H&M and the gold mouse from a teeny local shop.
As you've probably guessed, i adore costume jewellery.
The gold name necklace was a gift from my parents and i take i alternate it with that of the one that reads my baby's name.

The sun shone gloriously onto the proud Christmas tree glittering in the rays and the castle sat majestically, looking down onto the beauty beneath.

Love, peace and happiness


Monday, 13 December 2010

Comment Problems...

A reader very kindly emailed today to let me know that she's been having problems commenting on certain posts.  Being quite new to blogger, I've tried to figure out what the problem may be, but haven't come up with a solution.  

If you find you can't make a comment, then please email me instead at

If you have problems commenting on the GIVEAWAY then you can still email me your details and it will be classed as an entry.

Thank you 
keep stopping by


Love Charlie

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Lisbon is beautiful, but even more so by night.....

Lingering around in the golden light, as the trams switch on their lights and the twinkle of the ferries pass before your eyes upon the river in front of you.  Praca do Comercio is one of my favourite places in Lisbon.

  Positioned on the river front in downtown Baixa, with it's beautiful arcades and buildings, it's no surprise that this was once home to the Royal Palace.

Dominating the centre of the square is a bronzed statue of Dom Jose, Monarch during the earthquake and the two years of the city's rebuild. 
 Redesigned by the King's Minister - the Marques de Pombal, he wanted that the many surrounding streets be named after the businesses that populated them, such as RUA DA PRATA (SILVERSMITHS' STREET) and RUA DA SAPATEIROS (COBBLERS' STREET).

Marques de Pombal

Seeped in history and a warm atmosphere, you wouldn't imagine that these streets facing the river felt the full force of the 1755 earthquake, pretty much destroying what was then one of Europe's wealthiest capitals. Then in 1908 two of Portugal's last Royals King Carlos I and his eldest son came to a devastating end when they were shot dead here.   Clearing the way for the declaration of the Republic two years later.

 and finally home to catch the breathtaking view from our house.........

Happiness xxx

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Dear Santa....

Dear Santa....
Dear Santa.... by Charliehearts
Totally in my dreams.........

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sweet Sunny Saturday

After a wander around the Feira da Ladra and my usual hot chocolate,
 it was the perfect day to enjoy our garden...

I can sit here now and wonder how i lived in Lisbon without my garden.  
For the first two years of my life here in Portugal i lived in a second floor apartment.  I loved my little place, but now to have the garden just makes you feel so free.  
Plus it's great for my kitty cat! 
More about her soon, it's about time you met my mascot!

Every time i wear this hat i think of my Dad!  He chose it for me one Christmas and just the thought of my Dad stood in Topshop picking me out a hat makes me smile from ear to ear.

I love my cross that i lusted after for ages and then found sat waiting for me at the Feira da Ladra!

Today a skull and fox adorn my fingers.

Coat - New Look
Jumper - Bershka
Jeans - Pull and Bear
Hat - Topshop
Skull ring - Bershka
Fox ring - local thrift store
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood
Boots - Ugg

Sweet Dreams

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