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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vuittoning Alfama

Alfama is what i call quaint.....
In Moorish times it was seen as the grandest part of Lisbon, but when the city started to grow, the nobilty moved out and it was left to the local fishing community. 
 Now made up of many Fado restaurants and the many little streets that go up and down here, there and everywhere - it's easy to get lost in this maze like village!

On Saturday 1st November 1755 at around 940am, Lisbon was struck by an earthquake.
 Now known as the Great Lisbon Earthquake, it was followed by a tsunami and fires and near destroyed Lisbon.
Alfama built on its rocky, hilly mass was saved from significant damage.

Washing hangs out on lines, zig zagging above your heads and people stop to buy groceries in the many 'hole in wall' shops.

A pretty example of the Azulejos. 
 There's just something about these pretty tiles that can brighten up a drizzly, grey day!

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Made up of many 'beco's' (alleys), you can see how it's easy to get lost!
But eventually you'll stumble across an amazing view!

Love Charlie xxx


Henar said...

Wow, amazing pics!!!! I love the scarf you wear as a headband, really really cute!!

Monica said...

Very nice!!!
I enjoy your pictures and reading your wonderful blog.
Well done.

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Beautiful pictures!
Come to me :)
If you follow me I follow you..

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