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Friday, 10 December 2010

Is that a.....


Up the hill from pretty Chiado, around a corner and through an alleyway, i gasped at the sight before me.

I loved it.... 
I loved the makeshift caravan that had been built from random pieces of wood.  
The weirdest thing about it was how homely it felt.  Stood there by itself, nameless and seemingly owner less, the most bizarre thing was that i could have quite happily made a cup of tea and sat in there lost in my thoughts.

Please don't think I'm daft, but it was beautiful!

I love that about Lisbon, that you can walk around a corner and be totally surprised!

Today, thank you to the mild weather, i wore my trusty Topshop jacket.  My boots are New Look and i just love my battered brown bag which i found at the Feira da Ladra in Lisbon.

It's about time i started capturing my jewellery.  I love rings, so from now on you'll get to see them!  It didn't seem right them always taking a backseat in my shots....
You'll start to see that whether I'm wearing silver or gold i always wear the silver band.  This is because it was my wonderful Grandmother's wedding ring and it rarely leaves my finger.  It means the world to me and I've even been known to run back to the house for it, if I've forgotten to put them on!

The kitty face ring is just deliciously kitsch and is from Accessorize and the other ring is from a tiny shop i found down a little cobbled street here in Lisbon xxx

I find it really hard to get the perfect jeans, but these from River Island, that i bought last time i was in England are an amazing fit.  I'll be raiding the racks next time i'm there!

The Mickey Mouse top i got so long ago that i can't remember where it was from!
I love clothes that reinvent themselves and get dragged out again and again.  I'm sooo glad i never threw it out!

Happy Days



Vikki said...

Your jacket is stunning! I love it!


Taja said...

Love the bag! :)

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