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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Inspirational Sensational Sintra...

Sintra's atmosphere really varies depending upon the mood in which you catch it.
I've visited Sintra a handful of times and probably caught it's different feelings each time I've been.
I've seen it mean and moody, cold and wet.
Bright and glittery like a scene from Disney
and yesterday, peaceful and harmonious......

In all honesty, when we awoke yesterday morning, it was a foggy and misty day.  We decided to visit Sintra as we felt it would be a beautiful setting for some photos.  But of course, as luck would have it and as our journey progressed to the wonderful Sintra, the sun broke through the fog and clouds and it turned into a beautiful, glorious day.

Sintra was once the summer residence to Portuguese Royalty and if you ever happen to visit Lisbon, you should take a day in Sintra.
It has two of Portugal's most beautiful palaces, an incredible Moorish castle that stands on the top of a hill, with amazing views, a semi tropical garden and an outstanding modern art museum.
Even if those things don't interest you (which they are not for everyone) then it's just a lovely place to walk around and enjoy lunch!

That's what i mean about Sintra's many moods!
  What we thought was going to be a mysterious and lonely setting, turned into a peaceful, iridescent and heart warming sight.
  It was quite a glorious, perfect day in Sintra.

These boots are years old, but i still love them as much as the day i bought them.  They are 'Love From Australia' and have seen my feet through many a cold day!

The black ring is from H&M and the gold mouse from a teeny local shop.
As you've probably guessed, i adore costume jewellery.
The gold name necklace was a gift from my parents and i take i alternate it with that of the one that reads my baby's name.

The sun shone gloriously onto the proud Christmas tree glittering in the rays and the castle sat majestically, looking down onto the beauty beneath.

Love, peace and happiness



Kirstin said...

Beautiful pictures!! You look great :)

Kirstin Marie

Kirstin said...

Thank you for the comment :) When you wear your tights with bows post it, I want to see! They sound cute :)

Kirstin Marie

p.s. Will you come follow me? I am following you :)

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