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Friday, 10 December 2010

Need versus Want!

You'd have thought by now that I'd have figured out the difference between 'NEEDING' something and 'WANTING' something!

I'm having a lust over shoe boots at the moment and yesterday i saw the cutest leopard ankle boots... Smiling at me from a shop window!
The thing is, is that my head took over - screaming at me that i really don't need them and my wardrobe is overflowing with shoes...... 
but i liked them!

As you can see, this Friday lunchtime, my head and heart are having a battle over the leopard goddesses!

Watch this space to see if they make my tootsies!!!

My guess is probably yes!!!! 
  My heart usually wins!

What do you think?!!!

Happy Friday!!!



Anna Bonfiglio said...

I follow you!

Taja said...

Buy!! ;D Christian Louboutin?

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