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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ola December....

It doesn't feel like Christmas is coming.  So much so that walking through the sunny shopping centre yesterday i saw Santa sat in his grotto and seriously i took a double take... Then my brain registered the month and what was going on!!!
Lol.....  Embarrassing!!!!  The poor man actually made me jump!

I have vowed to be more organised this year (famous last words!)  No, really i will be.  I spent one Christmas running around last minute and it was more stress than anything else.

So I've bought some pressies, got my cards (which i will write soon!)
AND I WILL NOT be writing a stressy blog on the 23rd December that i haven't done anything! 

 Well i hope not anyway!!!!

Today I kept track of the snow updates at home (England) via my facebook and a kind friend let me pinch some of her 'snowy' photos that she took.

I know, i know.... It's driving everyone mad and the novelty would wear off for me after 5 minutes and it'd just make me grumpy! But it looks pretty and it makes you feel Christmassy!! Arrgh Baa Humbug!!
Maybe if there had been a little snow outside, then Santa wouldn't have given me such a fright!


photos pinched from my lovely friend Catherine 


The grass is always greener on the other side!!!


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