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Friday, 7 February 2014

The Marathon...

The Nutcracker.....(in a ballerina's life) is an annual affair. It's a fact you can't deny, that come late October/November the rehearsals will start to creep into your work schedule.  The Nutcracker 'marathon' is lurking around the corner and you can feel each dancer brace themselves for the long haul.

Now,don't get me wrong, the ballet certainly isn't doom and gloom, as of course when we start rehearsals, I immediately get the Christmas feeling running through my bones....... and how could I ever associate that with a dark cloud?!

Last week 'Christmas' finally finished in the theatre (on, yes, the 3rd of February!) I don't wish to think how many miles I ran around the stage or care to imagine how many paper snowflakes I swallowed as I did so! We performed to packed houses each night and I hope scattered some magic to each child that came to watch....

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