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Saturday, 1 September 2012

A day in the life...

After numerous requests to starting posting 'my typical day', it was about time I got around to doing just that!!  

As we are only just warming up to that start of the season, days are not so frantic! (though I do still think I need more than 24 hours to a day!)
As the weeks pass, days will feel shorter, crazier and tiring.... but also performances, which are the 'perks' to all our hard work!  I'll try and make this post a regular fixture to my blog.

It took nearly an hour to sort out my things!!! Have way too much ballet gear, no idea how I collected so much OR how it all fits in my cupboard, but on the plus side, found things I had totally forgotten I owned :)

We have an hour and a quarter class every morning.  We always have separate girls and boys classes and rotate different teachers throughout the week.

Usually after a 15 minute break, our first rehearsal of the day begins..... 
It isn't everyday that we walk on to stage to find the inside of a church set out!!!

This set was for the opera, so we took the opportunity to sit amongst the pews, waiting for the stage crew to remove it!

I am an avid fan of pilates, this last year in particular.... 
My new interest is also the gym!  Naturally being on the skinny side, I am determined to beef up..... a little!!! Concentrating on my abdominals, back and arms, it's a killer and I have to force myself in there, murmuring the mantra in my head of NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!! (Is that true!!!???)

The Opera House has a new, swanky looking piano this season and we took to the stage to introduce it to the world!!!

At the end of a long day,  it's costumes hung up and time for home..... 

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And tomorrow, we will see how many ballerinas fit in to a 'Toyota Yaris'.... no joke!!!!

Love Charlie

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