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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Costume Love!!!

A costume can make or break you.  Unflattering cut, ill-fitted, awful colour, restricted movement or just overall - bleuuurghh!!  Thankfully my Cinderella costume was anything but the above..... it was a joy not only to dance this particular part, but to dance in the costume and I kind of enjoyed to feel (if only a little) a tad Lady GaGa!
On Sunday we performed Cinderella for the last time this year, thankfully though it will be back in February.  After months of rehearsals, the three shows we did went far to quickly and as I enjoy to dance it, I'll welcome more chances to perform this piece!!! 


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cinderella Premiere...

Finally, after months of hard work, last night we premiered our new ballet 'Cinderella'.
I absolutely adore this production...... the choreography, costumes and to boot..... an amazing partner to dance with (big bonus!!!)

There will always be blood, sweat and tears leading up to a world premiere...... and it can be easy to step off the path and lose track, but we have to remember we are all striving for the same thing - an incredible end result and I truly feel that yesterday evening we delivered just that!

Opening night jitters soon evaporated as we danced to a full house...... it's a nerving feeling to imagine that thousands of eyes are watching your every step, but the older (and wiser) I become, I have learnt to just enjoy the moment and feel lucky that I get to do something everyday that I truly love.

As life seems to be on high speed at present, it's hard to post to my blog daily :(  (big sad face)
So, thank goodness for Instagram where it takes two seconds to add my daily photos!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Being a swan...

Swan Lake is arguably one of the most beautiful ballets to watch...... to dance I find it one of the most taxing.  The famous first entrance for the swans is grand and impressive, but in your pink tights and white tutu you feel vulnerable and only hope that you are creating a 'good' first impression to those who are sat in the audience.  Throughout my career, so far, I have danced four different versions (I can't even hazard a guess to how many performances that would amount to!!!!).  But it is my first which was with English National Ballet that will always be my favourite.

Yesterday we performed our last Swan Lake of the year (it will return in the Spring).  The break will do us all good!!!!

I certainly need a lie down when it's all over!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A sneaky look...

Finally next week we will perform our new ballet 'Cinderella'...... As it's a world premiere I don't want to let too much out of the bag, but i couldn't resist in posting a sneak preview of my 'fabulous' pink do!!!

Looks good enough to eat!!!!

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