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Friday, 6 May 2011

Marbella by night...

I was looking forward to our night of celebrations in Puerto Banus.
Firstly, of course to celebrate my friend's birthday..
 to enjoy a night out dancing..
 and to finally get to wear my black sequined dress!!!

After spending the evening getting ready at our villa with pizza, cremated chips and plenty of tipple, staggered time slots of shower, bathroom and mirror time (this was 11 girlies remember!) We headed to Puerto Banus for the celebrations to commence....

My favourite bar definitely has to be 'Seven', which had great music, cool decor and was spacious enough to not feel like sardines!  I wish I'd taken more photos, but as you can imagine it wasn't at the front of my mind!

With the stunning birthday girl, who I hope had the most fabulous birthday ever :)

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1 comment:

Shasie said...

I love dresses of this design, ever since I saw Beyonce wear a dress like this at an awards show back in 2009...hahaha I don't own one for myself yet, but one day!

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