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Sunday, 19 February 2012

In Front Of The Curtain ...

It isn't often that we get the chance to be on the other side of curtain....  (i.e in the auditorium of our theatre.)  So yesterday was a welcomed changed to get dressed up, act as part of the audience and sit back and enjoy a performance!

  It always feels strange to sit and know what is happening on the stage before the orchestra begins and the curtain goes up.  Dancers having a last practice at pirouettes and jumps, the staff giving last minute corrections and reminders on things or even maybe (as we had in Nutcracker) somebody dashing around trying to find a mislaid head dress! 

 On this occassion I enjoyed to just sit back and wait for the action to commence!

I'm not really a 'tights' kind of person (I wear them enough at work!!) I'll either brave the chill and have bare legs or go with the trusty skinny jeans and skip the dress idea.....
It's way too cold though and I've been waiting for the occassion to re wear this dress, so tights night it was!!!
The River Island shoes were a Christmas present from my Mum and the bracelet I found sat on its lonesome in Topshop, it felt unfair to not give it a home!!!

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Love Charlie

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Forever Miss Vanity said...

You look beautiful and I love your clutch <3

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