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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A 'Snow' Lot Of Fun...

It would be a shame to let all of the snow go to waste, so yesterday we utilised our day off with with an afternoon sledging!  What a fashion statement though..... a far cry from my usual morning routine of playing dress up before I leave the house, all I could think this morning was that I was desperate to stay warm!

Layering myself up, we went in search of some 'hills', and after overcoming my initial fear of letting myself speed down the side of a mountain (only a slight exaggeration)!! I got more and more daring..... after all it is a while since sledging was a part of my life!!!

The weather was perfect.  One of those days where the ground is covered in thick snow, but the sun shines so brightly that it glistens in the flakes.
It was definitely a free day put to good use :)

Most importantly though only one little bruise and still totally intact to be back in work today!

Love Charlie

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