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Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Florida Diary .....

One of my favourite attractions!

This post doesn't really need so many words as the pictures do all the talking!
After an incredible 2 week holiday in Florida with my family we arrived home exhausted and probably needing another holiday to recuperate, but full of incredible memories, especially as we were honoured to see the whole experience through my daughter's little eyes.  

It's a surreal, magical place and even i got totally starstruck meeting Mickey Mouse in the flesh........ or should I say fur??!

Check out the dark cloud hovering over the castle...... an hour later and we were drenched!!

A dusky Magic Kingdom 

Even though I've never been an avid Potter reader, the Harry Potter setting was incredible

Universal Studios by night

NO PARKING...... Ooops!

Me is starstruck!!!

Totally happy here!

Wish you were here :)

Princessing myself!

We also learnt that my 3 year old is a bit of a David Bailey in the making!

Harry Potter time!

Close up as he goes in for my daughter's high five!

And last but not least
Happy 4th of July

Phewwwww! Rest and recuperate time now!!!

Love Charlie

1 comment:

Charlee Greenhalgh said...

I love these photos, makes me excited for when I go :D Our hotel is over the road from Downtown Disney as well, amazing photos looks and sounds like you've had a great time :)


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