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Friday, 25 May 2012

Feathered And Booted

You'd have thought by now I'd be ready for the loud bang at the end of Act II of Rosalinde, but no, every performance as we take our finishing pose, the bang of the confetti falling gives me a fright and I practically jump out of my skin :)

Rosalinde is one of my favourite costumes, it's easy to dance in and providing the feathers are all pinned down you don't end up eating them (I have a few times during the pirouettes, thus learning my lesson as to where to place the grips!)

These next two weeks are the final push of the season, and then holidays!!!!
I know for sure that my knee is looking forward to the rest!!!

Love Charlie

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rosalinde Returns...

It's November since I last danced 'Rosalinde', so it was brain into gear this week to take my mind and body back to the choreography!  'Rosalinde's a fun ballet to do, consisting of a lot of waltzing around to Strauss so I'm looking forward to the change....

Two 'Rosalinde's', two 'Modigliani's' and two 'Swan Lake' performances to go and then it's the end of the season.   My body feels like it's already trying to take itself on holiday, but only 3 weeks to go and then our official vacations begin :)

Hunting down my costume!

Love Charlie



We have danced, slept and breathed Modigliani for the last few months and finally on Friday evening we took to the stage in the world premiere of Thomas Edur's full length ballet - the story of the life of the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani.  

The buzz that surrounds a new piece is quite intense and as the premiere nears the atmosphere thickens.  From what I know, the reviews have been pretty mixed, but at the end of the day I enjoyed to dance and be a part of this new creation so much that all I will carry with me are good memories.

Love Charlie


Thursday, 17 May 2012


I was saved by the Iphone when I attended our premiere party for 'Modigliani', with a flat battery in my camera!!
 After a successful performance we celebrated with drinks at the after party, it felt a relief after everyones hard work to deliver an incredible show..... of course it helps to have a great partner to dance with like I had! (picture above)   :)

Love Charlie

Friday, 11 May 2012

Premiere Approaching...

Tonight we will dance our premiere of Thomas Edur's new ballet 'Modigliani'
Here are few photos (without giving too much away!) from yesterdays dress rehearsal.

Toi Toi to all involved in tonight's premiere!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dita The Ballerina

   Feeling 'tres' jealous of Dita Von Teese right now, who has tweeted a photo of her custom made 'Christian Louboutin' pointe shoes.

If one pair wasn't enough to make us fashionista/ballerinas green with envy, he had sent multiple pairs in the Paris delivery including black, baby blue, hot pink and even a rhinestone embellished pair.  

My eyes were so taken away with the obvious fact of the 'Louboutin' trade mark red sole that I initially failed to notice that these are actually Gaynor Mindens.   

The bright orange pair that I wear in our new ballet 'Modiglioni' kind of pale into the background compared to Dita's new babies!!!

Love Charlie

 Photos taken from the Dita Von Teese WhoSay page.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bun To Brogues

Finally a light breeze, shining sun and my Uggs back in the wardrobe.

Monday is a day off, so after a much needed lie in (or as long as a three year old will give you!) I had chance to reevaluate my outfit for the day and wear a new Spring feeling!  To say I have such a love of fashion and enjoy to experiment with new looks, these last few weeks I've ended up in such a style rut of throwing on jeans, Uggs and whatever tshirt I find first......
Hopefully the new fresh days we are awakening to everyday will inspire me....

A necklace that will always make me smile..... a gift from a friend who I miss dearly...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Behind The Scenes...

Last night we danced 'Coppelia' for the last time this season.
With the premiere of our new ballet 'Modigliani' fast approaching we are heavily involved in stage rehearsals and final preparations, days are tiring so to be able to sit yesterday evening and have my hair and make up done felt a treat!

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