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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Waikiki Fun

I'm really making the most of my beach days this week!! Tomorrow we jet off again back to the UK and I can't quite contain my excitement at the moment!!! 

 It's going to be a busy week though, as I'll be hosting a BALLET NORTH event.  Ballet North is my other baby...... though it was actually born in 2004, it may have been on the back burner for the last few years, but it's never been far from my mind.  Offering master classes, workshops, courses and Days of Dance - it aims to help develop and nurture the young dance talent of Yorkshire.   Professional dancers teaching the next up and coming professionals, means a fresh, upbeat and very understanding experience...... who better to be around than the ones who are in the business right now!!!
I absolutely adore to be a part of it... I love to teach and I love to share my experiences of the ballet world......

So keep your eyes peeled for future Ballet North events and if you so happen to be in the Yorkshire area next week, feel free to come and meet us and take part in class :)

But for now back to today, which was another wonderful warm day in Lisbon's sun..... I must say it felt quite tropical to be at a beach called Waikiki and the beds that sat at the top of the beach were way to tempting :)

So back to my packing now and see you from England :)

Love Charlie


Claire M. said...

Go to Maui and you'll gonna love it more ;)

Shasie said...

Sounds like a great organization that you are involved in!

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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