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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Coppelia Sunday ...

On Sunday we had a Coppelia performance, our second one in our run of this ballet.  As i said before in a previous post HERE, I really enjoy this ballet and find it a refreshing change, as it's fun and light hearted.  I can even forgive the hundreds of pirouettes entwined into the choreography! 
 Tomorrow we will dance our last one of the year, until the Spring when we will perform it again.

Sunday's show was even more special as my daughter watched form the wings..... 
To see her through the throng of action on the stage, sat beyond the lights in the wings on a little table with her mouth open and swinging her little legs, filled me with so much love and pride I could have burst!

Happiness :)


Love Charlie

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Amanda Park said...

very beautiful and cute blog charlie!

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