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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Little Mix

From Vivienne Westwood to Primark (what a mixture) but this is my favourite thing about Brit fashion!
I do think we have an amazing high street for up to the minute pieces at affordable prices.  

I sit here pondering that it would be nice to open my wardrobe every morning to a gazillion designer pieces looking back at me. But actually, I have so much fun hunting down fashion on our high street and mixing it all up with higher end brands (and when I'm lucky the odd designer piece thrown in) that I would miss the little missions that I set myself on in River Island, Primark and Topshop etc, etc! 

 To me that's the art of fashion.  Looking at my paint palette and mixing it all up to create a 'look'. Maybe I wouldn't love it so much, had I not the thrill of the chase.

Top and Bracelet - NEW LOOK
Jeans from Portugal

Love Charlie

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