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Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Snippet!

Last night I danced my premiere of a new role in the ballet Manon.  You may remember my posts from when I first joined the company here as Manon was also my premiere performance with the National Ballet.

I like the challenge of a new role and the opportunity it gives you.
  To be thrown into the deep end isn't such a bad thing in times like this :)

Act 2 and 3 and the disaster area of my dressing table!

CharlieHearts with me in the dressing room!

Act One

Lots of yummy Toi Toi 'Good Luck' presents to enjoy!

I enjoyed the performance so much and went home walking on air!

By the way, I am expanding my Tweeting!! Not being such a Twitterer I am now making a concerted effort to Tweet and network........ Help me get into the phenomenon and join my official Twitter page (I'll be grateful of the encouragement!)

Love Charlie


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