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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What I Wore Today...

The main issue that I often have with myself over my blog CharlieHearts, is that I simply just don't have enough hours in my schedule to post everyday...... I take pride in each piece with regards to what I photograph, the quality of the pictures and the thought that goes into what I write.

Yesterday I discovered What I Wore Today, a site in which you can record your outfits daily, I was really drawn to the fact, that most users simply use their phone to take their pics and upload.... easy peasy!
It seems to be the answer to my problem, as initially, one of my dreams with my blog was to use it as a record of my outfits, something that I could look back on years to come (and maybe cringe at them, or maybe not!!!)

The only hitch at the moment is that for some reason I can't upload my pics on to the site :(  But as soon as I work out why I can't I'll make sure I'm camera phoning everyday!!!

Plus if anyone of you guys use WIWT, please send me the links to your profile so I can follow you :)

Love Charlie

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