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Friday, 22 April 2011

Charliehearts The Beach!!!

I adore the beach..... I love everything about it, from the feeling of walking in the velvet sand to the sound of the crashing of the waves.

Last week we had a whole afternoon to enjoy at my favourite hotspot and the best thing about it was that it was practically deserted.   Only a few souls scattered the long stretch of glistening sand and the waves sparkled in the sun.

I find the ocean a lonely and powerful being.  I'm sure it's a wonderful feeling to swim around, but to be honest I never venture too far in.

As much as I appreciate the beauty of the ocean, I also respect its privacy!!!

I'll miss living near the beach.....

Sweet Dreams

Lots of love

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Photos credit to Zimbio, Tlfan


Andrea Grace said...

looks like a blast!

Emily Anne said...

this post made me so jealous.
it snowed two days ago by me.

it looks seriously SO amazing where you are.
i agree with you about everything about the ocean and the beach in general, one of my favorite places ever.

Stephanie said...

Love the pics!!

kisses xoxo

Shasie said...

Yay! The beach is so fun! Cute bathing suit!

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