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Monday, 18 April 2011

Chilled Minnie

These days have been so crazy, crazy hectic that I didnt even have the chance to sit with my Mac!!!
Though at least I had some down time at the beach, with the chance to breathe some sea air and enjoy the sand between my toes!

To just stand and look out onto the ocean was bliss!

This little cove that we found was amazing and the rocks almost had a life of their own!
Or maybe it's just me that imagined that they almost looked like skulls!!!  Hehehe!!!

Here's a little chap as I found him in the sand!!!  Do ever find something and wonder what story it could tell?!!

Today started a grey, miserable looking day, thank heavens the sun decided to eventually come out and play!!!

Love Charlie

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1 comment:

Harris said...

It's not just you, those rocks definitely look like skulls all piled up!

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