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Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Place I Heart...

It's funny how you can hardly know a city, be a total stranger, yet find a place that can feel like your own haven.  I probably wouldn't have discovered the race course had it not been for my 2 year old, who spotted the horses peering at her through the high fences.  The moment we stepped through the gate to be greeted by them all happily in their own little fields, we were both transfixed....

It must be in the genes!  People often ask me if my Mum danced.... after all I suppose people presume that with me dancing my whole life, I must have taken it from my Mum.  But, no, she didn't..... she loved riding and it's actually something I have never done but would love to.  Maybe now that I've found this place I'll get the chance :)

I'm so happy that yesterday the rest of our belongings finally arrived. After their very long adventure, being driven all the way from Lisbon via England to Tallinn they are here!  It feels like a thousand birthdays all at once, as even though it was only wrapped and packed a few weeks ago, I've already forgotten what's hidden amongst the tissue paper and bubble wrap and so will enjoy the rest of my Sunday unwrapping my treasures!!!!!

Happy Sunday

Love Charlie

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