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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A rainy start to August...

"There is pain and sacrifice in everyone's world. That's why, when I was dancing, I had no pain."

Suzanne Farrell


Soon a new season and a new chapter of my life will begin.....
With so much organising to do, one of yesterday's jobs was to prepare my shoes.  
They may be brand new, but one of the first things I ever do with them is make them harder!!  As we speak they are lining my garden to dry and then today will be the next steps to my shoes being ready for work!!!

I must have brought the English weather back to Portugal.  In all the five years I've lived here, I'm sure I've never known a rainy August day......  The heavens opened yesterday and it threw it down. Grim :(

Hoping for the sun back soon!!!!

Love Charlie xxx

PS.... A huge thank you to all who took part in the giveaway, the winner will be emailed shortly :)

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