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Monday, 29 August 2011


Last week I spoke of my new mission to try out Gaynor Minden pointe shoes!  I've had some messages questioning my verdict and after wearing them nearly a week now I do have a more positive opinion than the one of the first few days!
I would recommend to at least try them out.   After wearing Freeds for all of my dancing life, I was pretty sceptical about trying something different...... The first few classes, they felt like foreign objects, I wore them for barre and then chickened out and wore my trusty Freeds for centre and the rest of the days rehearsals.   But today (Monday of all days!) I bit the bullet and forced myself to at least attempt to jump and turn in them and result, I was pleasantly surprised and I think with wearing them for the rest of this week I'll be sold!

No weekend for us this week, we are busy rehearsing '2nd Symphony' and will work a seven day week. As tough as it sounds, I feel it will only benefit me.... after a very long 'summer' holiday I need as much work as I can get!

Plus, I'm so happy that the rest of our things have arrived safe and well from Portugal!  Still have boxes to open, but I was so happy to have more clothes and more of my beloved dance attire!!!!

Love Charlie

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