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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Opera Loving

I'm all installed in my new dressing room in the Opera house, which is known to us all as 'my second home'!  Days are busy (thus my lack of CharlieHearts at the moment), my brain is full of 'Manon' and 'Three Musketeers!  We are also house hunting........ We havn't yet found somewhere to fall in love with and day by day my patience is wearing!!!!  I know when I find the right place I'll know it's for me, it's just frustrating to not walk in to somewhere and think, yes this is the one!!!

So as I fill my brain with a million more pieces of choreography each day,  I fall asleep at night with dreams full of dance and houses!  I havn't even managed to get in to one shop yet...... I must be busy!!!!!

My new favourite chocolate - 'Kalev'

Love Charlie xxx

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