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Monday, 22 August 2011

Sew & Go...

My whole dance life I have teetered around on 'Freed' pointe shoes......   Tomorrow though (after X amount of years pirouetting around on my good old Freeds) will be a different day and I've decided to take the plunge and try out the ever growing popular Gaynor Minden.
Over the years of learning how to make my shoes work for me..... filling them with a special liquid to make them harder, darning the ends, slicing the soles (inside and out) and snapping the backs before I even slipped them on my feet...... apparently tonight I sew ribbons on and that's it, I'm all set to go..... 'Sew and Go!?'   Tomorrow morning's class will be an interesting one......

Gaynor Minden on the left
Freed on the right

On paper they seem the dream shoe!  As well as zero hassle of preparing them before you even wear them, they supposedly last 3 - 6 times longer than the average pointe shoe, they never soften and the flexibility and support that you feel in the new shoe, will last the shoe's lifetime.

Taken from the official Gaynor Minden website.

I seem to be in good company, with star of the Royal Ballet ALINA COJOCARU, whom has worn them for years.

So, good luck to me!!!!

Love Charlie


Joshua said...

Nice post! Fingers crossed they will be ok! xx

Charlie said...

I hope so!!!!!

Charlee said...

Lovely post, and good luck with your shoes :)


anguillian.paperdoll said...

great photos, hope the shoes are great.


Charlie said...

Thank you :) I hope so too!!! xxx

Wizy Wiz said...

Lovely Shoes!!!My pointe shoes are still Bloch TMT, I find them very comfortable!Good luck sweet <3

Wizy Wiz

Penelopi F. Karali said...

Love Balley!
I am dancing with pointe shoes too :)
Penelopi F.

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