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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Brunch in Burberry Bows

I love details..... whether it be the charm on the bag, the tick of my eyeliner or the cherry on the cake!
I've had a bit of Burberry themed week and today was no exception...

I love these black boots, they are super cosy and surprisingly Lisbon cobble friendly! 
 I was tiring of the black though and decided that as i was having a Burberry brain at the moment i'd spruce my feet with the theme!

Today our blue sky returned, though i was still grumpily jealous when my mum told me that the sky in Yorkshire was full of snow!!
 (i know, i know if i were in England i'd already be bored of the slush)

So instead of craving snowflakes i sat in the sun with a delicious brunch!

Yummy strawberry chocolate

I hope everyone had a happy weekend
Love Charlie

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