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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Like a fish out of water!

I've gone on and on for what seems like forever, proclaiming that i was going to start a 'blog'.  Sat in a dream with a head full of ideas about what i'd love to 'blog' about! Alas, like i say that was forever ago.....  but a million, trillion, days later....... one Saturday night in Lisbon, motivation flew in and bit me and finally i've entered the blogging world.....  Who knows who i'll find, where it'll go....... I feel nervous to start it!!!!!!

I love, love, love clothes..... (my purse will clarify that!)

I've danced for like forever.......... in tutu's and pointe shoes that is.......

......and 18 months ago i became a mummy to an amazing human being.  Who entered the world as she meant to go on... i.e nearly 2 weeks over due and it took her 28 hours to choose her outfit.... very fashionably late (now that's my girl!)

So welcome to my blog :)

A huge heart
Charlie xxxxx


H. said...

This is fantastic ! Congratulations !

Charlie said...

:) xxxxx

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