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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A girl and her shoes...

If only my feet could be adorned with a different pair of Louboutins seven days a week.  Surely after all the years of pointe shoes they deserve to be treated with the red soled delights??!!
Well until that day comes I'll stick to the high street.
Now a days i really believe you can look absolutely great and feel fab dressed head to toe from Topshop - Primark.  It's the way you wear something and it's all about feeling good about yourself.  Mixing and being adventurous is much more fun anyway!!!
I can be lusting after a Chanel bag one day and a Topshop one the next!

So i discovered New Look do great shoes and today i tottered along Lisbon's cobbles in my new boots.
Gone are my skinny heeled shoe days though! When i first arrived in Lisbon i naively went out one night in a towering pair of killer heels and they did just that.  After repeatedly getting stuck down cobbles and resorting to walking around on tip toe, I'm surprised i didn't permanently damage my poor calves!

Here are a few New Look treats that i would be proud to adorn my feet with!

Sweet Dreams xxxxx

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