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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Shoes!!!

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Now I have a daughter (and she's running around all over the place) I'm very particular about the shoes I choose for her precious little feet.  Whenever I am in England I'll take her down to the trusty Clarks shop, where they take time to measure her feet and try her with different styles!!

So then, that brings me to the point of today's post..... I know my mum did the same for me when I was a tot and I was always in a well fitted shoe.... And now look what my poor feet get prised into!!!!
In other words.... all those years of being in good shoes and now I spend my living testing my feet to the limits, by standing on my toes, jumping and pirouetting here, there and everywhere.

So I'll spend my days on my toes and my evenings on my heels.  I can pretty much put anything on my foot without it hurting, which isn't baffling when you see what I spend my days wearing!!!!

 NewLook do a really great range of shoes, especially, when you know you may only wear them for a few occasions and so you don't want to spend the earth.  I had needed some heels for the weekend and these were perfect for the dress I had, in a simple colour and I could accessorize with my silver jewellery to match the silver diamantes on the bow of the shoe.

Happy feet
Happy days!
Love Charlie

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caramellitsa said...

these are so cute!!the last photo is really funny!!

kisses <3

Ancho said...

ballet shoes-I always wanted to be a ballerina)))

Somniorum domuS said...

They are lovely!

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