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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

That's Amore....

Into my fifth year of living in Lisbon and I still hadn't visited the zoo here, so finally at the weekend we took our Saturday to spend time amongst the animals!
To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of animals been out of their own environment and it was a big part of the fact that I'd never ventured there...... but I was pleasantly surprised as it seemed to be a really lovely place.  In huge open surroundings, they looked healthy and happy even in the 30 + degree heat that Saturday bore upon us.....  
They were coping better than us and by the end of our 4 hour visit we were nearly on our knees!!!!!

It's love!!!!!

Life is pretty busy and hectic at the moment...... but CharlieHearts is one of my true loves and though recently I'm not managing to post every day, it's never far from my thoughts :)

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Love Charlie

1 comment:

Claire M. said...

Great photos! Love it ;)

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