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Monday, 20 June 2011


I don't mind airports, I quite like the buzzy atmosphere they generate of people bustling around arriving and departing.  I spend quite alot of time traveling and when I'm going somewhere I enjoy my little ritual of shopping in duty free and buying a big stash of magazines for the plane!

But today, for a change, I wasn't the at the airport to depart but in arrivals to meet my good friend, who had jetted in from England to visit us.  I'm looking forward to spending the next week being a real tourist in Lisbon and visiting the places that I've always wanted to see, but never gotten around to!

My Vivienne Westwood bag was a birthday present from my grandmother.  I love the colours (very me!!)  and whenever I use it, I'll always think of her :)  
I've been desperate to wear my pinky River Island jeans, since I bought them in the UK a few weeks ago.  But I regretted the leg choice when we got outside as you can probably gather from the pics, today was a sweltering, hot day and I was roasting!  Thank goodness for the airport air-com!!!

So expect lots of touristy pics this coming week!!!

Love Charlie

Jewellery - ShopCharlieHearts
T-shirt  - A store in China
Jeans - River Island
Sun glasses - Primark
Flip flops - Havaianas

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kliso said...

relaxed yet glamorous <3

Claire M. said...

Nice top shirt I love it

Shasie said...

That's a cute bag!! I love buying my magazine stash for flights too

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