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Monday, 6 June 2011

Precious and Special.....

As I mentioned the other day, yesterday I had a very special event to attend.  It was such a perfect, wonderful day and one that I will treasure forever....

Though as the days crept up, I was slowly becoming a little fraught that I hadn't yet feast my eyes upon the dress that I has envisioned in my head!  So Saturday morning I fled down to a shop in town as a last resort to find something........ and would you believe it, there sitting on the rail as I stepped through the doors was THE dress.....

All I wanted was something simple yet stylish and I was so happy with my find, that now I could do with another 'special' event, just to be able to wear it again!

Good friends are hard come by and these guys are true, beautiful people, who I just know I will have in my life forever......  Keep hold of the special ones :)

It was a perfect day, with perfect people and at the last hour in a perfect dress!!!! ;)

Love Charlie

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Joshua said...

Fantastic! You looked absolutely stunning! :) x

Tassos P said...

Hi dear, you look stunning in this outfit.
Perfect jacket and dress, veeeery nice combination! plut the pretty classy heels and clutch!
The queen of the night :)
Nice to read about your great friends!
Enjoy life dear, you are gorgeous :)

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