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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pink Streaks......

I'm a girly girl through and through and when given the opportunity to experiment with any new kind of fashion/beauty fad, I will!  So, after reading an article on 'hair make up' I went on a mission, dragging my mum around the shops, in pursuit of a bottle of something to plaster my tresses with.  
Of course not being one to come home empty handed, I hunted down what I wanted and after much deliberation I went for pink (brave move!) and then eagerly awaited the opportune moment to experiment!!

(totally washable of course, my job wouldn't entertain, pink hair being a permanent fixture!!)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Leopard And Her Snowman...

I'm so glad I missed the -27 degrees here, the - 3 that the weather seems to be sticking with at the moment doesn't seem so drastic in comparison! 
Work is busy these weeks with rehearsals of Manon, Swan Lake, Sylphide and a new creation all going on.  So time away from the theatre feels like nothing at all..... though we did find the time to make a snowman with my little princess, who now each evening and morning greets him with a wave through the window!!!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Standing Tall

These photos were hastily taken yesterday as we left the theatre after a long day...
The days are warmer and so we ended up walking in piles of slush (not a favourite weather effect of mine!), though I don't think any amount of sun is going to melt the mound of snow that sits in front of the opera house.... I think that will still be there, piled high, until May!!!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A 'Snow' Lot Of Fun...

It would be a shame to let all of the snow go to waste, so yesterday we utilised our day off with with an afternoon sledging!  What a fashion statement though..... a far cry from my usual morning routine of playing dress up before I leave the house, all I could think this morning was that I was desperate to stay warm!

Layering myself up, we went in search of some 'hills', and after overcoming my initial fear of letting myself speed down the side of a mountain (only a slight exaggeration)!! I got more and more daring..... after all it is a while since sledging was a part of my life!!!

The weather was perfect.  One of those days where the ground is covered in thick snow, but the sun shines so brightly that it glistens in the flakes.
It was definitely a free day put to good use :)

Most importantly though only one little bruise and still totally intact to be back in work today!

Love Charlie

Sunday, 19 February 2012

In Front Of The Curtain ...

It isn't often that we get the chance to be on the other side of curtain....  (i.e in the auditorium of our theatre.)  So yesterday was a welcomed changed to get dressed up, act as part of the audience and sit back and enjoy a performance!

  It always feels strange to sit and know what is happening on the stage before the orchestra begins and the curtain goes up.  Dancers having a last practice at pirouettes and jumps, the staff giving last minute corrections and reminders on things or even maybe (as we had in Nutcracker) somebody dashing around trying to find a mislaid head dress! 

 On this occassion I enjoyed to just sit back and wait for the action to commence!

I'm not really a 'tights' kind of person (I wear them enough at work!!) I'll either brave the chill and have bare legs or go with the trusty skinny jeans and skip the dress idea.....
It's way too cold though and I've been waiting for the occassion to re wear this dress, so tights night it was!!!
The River Island shoes were a Christmas present from my Mum and the bracelet I found sat on its lonesome in Topshop, it felt unfair to not give it a home!!!

I am now posting more photos and links to our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE.  
Take a second to check it out and press like :)

Love Charlie

Friday, 17 February 2012

Yumiko Day...

My 'office' wear isn't really the norm!  Though I don't have the need to shop for sharp suits and such like, I certainly make up for it with my dance wear!  But of course, why not, after all we wear leotards and warm up gear day in day out.

Yumiko launched in 2002 and has been a huge hit throughout the dance world.  Handmade, options to customise with colours and cuts and above all a comfortable and flattering fit, it's easy to see why they are so popular.  Our orders arrived on Tuesday and already by morning ballet class, new Yumiko models were treading the boards!

A new Yumiko day is always a happy day!!!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A few weeks ago as temperatures plummeted to minus 25 degrees in Estonia, I was happy to be snuggled up inside my family home in the UK.  Though that week we too were about to have blankets of snow thrown on us but it certainly didn't hit the double minuses as it had here!
I'd returned home under sad circumstances, but the time I had to spend with my family and friends was wonderful and now that I'm back at work I'm still savouring the memories :)

I find it hard to vary my wardrobe at the moment, as it is so chilly, every morning I just end up throwing on my trusty Uggs and Topshop coat.  I'd love to embrace a more fashionista look (living in Lisbon was so easy for that!) but alas, for now the weather wins.........

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I Just Have To Have...

I came across this unique collection quite in reverse......
As I sat in my peaceful haven reading a magazine, my eye was caught by an article featuring some pretty kooky nail wraps.  My mind went into overdrive!!

Firstly, I am addicted to nail paraphernalia, which is bizarre for one who spent a considerable number of years completely ruining her nails by biting them.  To be honest though, that is most probably where my nail obsession started, I figured that if I could make my nails look good enough NOT to eat then I'd stop the nasty habit..... and it worked, the biting stopped but the addiction to the artwork continued and grew!  Growing bored of just one coloured nails I soon started perfecting the art of decorating them, though I got pretty dab hand at it, they were never as perfect as a pro.  
 But then as we all know, the nail wraps were born and what a craze they started.......

These nail wraps that featured in the Meadham Kirchhoff SS 12 show were originally not meant to go on sale, though I've now learnt (please correct me if I'm wrong) that they will be available at Topshop mid February........  Looks like I'll be visiting quite regularly then in my anticipation to get my fingers on a pack :)

So, I met the nail wraps before the clothes and though this post was initially to go on about my fascination for the nail candy, I fell so in love with the whole collection that I just had to bombard you with a handful more pics. 

If you would like to read more, I found an interesting write up at Style Bubble.

Love Charlie

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