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Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday with my bro


Yeah, I'm here
After a long flight Wednesday night, I finally arrived to a rainy UK!
It's so good to be here and tonight I came to see my brother and steal some time on his laptop.
So i must apologise for the state of my photos, which I've taken on my IPhone.  I came to England with no laptop and no camera so the state of my photos for the next 10 days will be a bit poor, but I figured something was better than nothing at all?!

As I've spoken of before, my wardrobe in my home in the UK, is nearly as healthy as my Portuguese one!  One of the best things about opening my wardrobe here is that I find things I forgot I had!!!!
This bag for example, was sat there on the top shelf as good as new.  Probably I'll end up taking it back to Portugal with me :)

It is raining so much here and yesterday and today has certainly been 'stay in the warm house weather'.
It's so great to be back with my beloved car 'Albert', who spends most of his time in the garage when I'm away.....  But with the rubbish weather he had a run to the supermarket today to stock up on some good reading material!


I would love so, so much to have a dog!!! But with my lifestyle at the moment it just wouldn't be fair.
So for now i have my brother's gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Lexi and Harvey.  They are such big softies and as you can see Harvey makes a great guard for Vogue!!!

Lots of Love from England


Vivi said...

love ur bag, very cool
Hope u have nice days in england@

Christina said...

great post, & your brother's dog is beautiful :)


W. said...

your dog is so cute!!

cole said...

really cute purse! and your puppy is cutee

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