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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Born To Golf!

After a trip to the osteopath to sort out my ballerina back, I went to 'recupperate' at the golf club with my Dad.   Him being a professional golfer, I clearly very much take after him..... not in the golf sense of course, but in a motivated and ambitious kind of way.  I admire the way, that he still loves to play something that has being a good part of his whole life so far, clearly still enjoys it, is very good at what he does and yet still strives to be better and improve his game. 

I certainly picked the best few days to visit home, as the weather is oddly wonderful!!!  The sun is shining gloriously and everyone carries a warm glow with them after being kissed by such beautiful days.

With all my packed, busy days at the moment I only just realised that CharlieHearts was featured as Editors picks on BLOGGERS.  So a huge thanks to all who voted, I was extremely honoured to have CharlieHearts recogonised in such a way :)

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Sweet Dreams to all



La Mode En Rose said...

you look girly! looks like a nice day! = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Vanesa said...

I like your look gorgeous!
Nice bag x

The-Bel (Fashion Blog, Clothing Online, Street Style)

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