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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yummy hot days.....

After a lovely ten, busy days my friend's holiday with us here in Portugal came to an end and off he jetted back to a surprisingly hot Britain!  It's always so good to have someone from back home here,  it leaves a happy feeling of England and all the wonderful people that I have there.......
Before he left for the airport, we dashed out to our all time favourite restaurant for a spot of lunch.  This quaint little place is favoured by locals and run by such an accommodating, lovely family you really feel as though you may as well be sat in their own home kitchen. 
 Plus the food is lush!!  Yum, yum ...

It's hot, but I love it.... I just never wake so inspired to recreate different outfits as all I want to do is sling on my trusty denim shorts and as light as possible tshirt.....   I'm even sweltering dressed like this, but I don't think it would be much appreciated to wander the streets of Lisbon in a bikini!!!

Happy, happy :)

Love Charlie

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

That's Amore....

Into my fifth year of living in Lisbon and I still hadn't visited the zoo here, so finally at the weekend we took our Saturday to spend time amongst the animals!
To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of animals been out of their own environment and it was a big part of the fact that I'd never ventured there...... but I was pleasantly surprised as it seemed to be a really lovely place.  In huge open surroundings, they looked healthy and happy even in the 30 + degree heat that Saturday bore upon us.....  
They were coping better than us and by the end of our 4 hour visit we were nearly on our knees!!!!!

It's love!!!!!

Life is pretty busy and hectic at the moment...... but CharlieHearts is one of my true loves and though recently I'm not managing to post every day, it's never far from my thoughts :)

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Love Charlie

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sangria Friday...

After an afternoon at the beach, all we wanted to do was to get home and chill in our garden with a BBQ and a couple of jugs of homemade sangria!
Today was another hot, hot day and the sun had totally sapped me of energy, so an easy Friday evening sat gossiping with friends whilst holding a glass of sangria seemed too appealing to miss out on!!!

I am in love with this new ring!  I'm still quite into my big, statement cocktail rings and when I spotted this one, it just had my name written all over it......   That's a big hint to the next giveaway, which will be soon....... so keep posted :)

A nice day that left fond memories imprinted in my mind......

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Love Charlie

Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Loves...


I'm so proud and overjoyed at the direction in which our shop is moving :)

New Nails courtesy of H&M!!!
A fab eye shadow palette, which holds a fabulous colour for everyday of the month!!!

And last but not least, I think the coolest IPhone case in the world!!!

My friend is here visiting this week and we are having such a good time enjoying all that Lisbon has to offer!!
I hope everyone is having a good week....

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Love Charlie

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Da Wave.......

Today the weather in Lisbon was hot, hot, hot...... So where better than to take your guest, but to the beach of course, of which Portugal certainly boasts some gorgeous ones.

We spent a lovely afternoon on a beach in Caparica,  even though I got swept up by the biggest wave and nearly swallowed half the sea, but then found the most humongous shell....... 
so it was worth the ride!

The beach really was beautiful and quiet and it made a pleasant change from the jam packed weekend shores......  

Sweet beachy dreams
Love Charlie

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Monday, 20 June 2011


I don't mind airports, I quite like the buzzy atmosphere they generate of people bustling around arriving and departing.  I spend quite alot of time traveling and when I'm going somewhere I enjoy my little ritual of shopping in duty free and buying a big stash of magazines for the plane!

But today, for a change, I wasn't the at the airport to depart but in arrivals to meet my good friend, who had jetted in from England to visit us.  I'm looking forward to spending the next week being a real tourist in Lisbon and visiting the places that I've always wanted to see, but never gotten around to!

My Vivienne Westwood bag was a birthday present from my grandmother.  I love the colours (very me!!)  and whenever I use it, I'll always think of her :)  
I've been desperate to wear my pinky River Island jeans, since I bought them in the UK a few weeks ago.  But I regretted the leg choice when we got outside as you can probably gather from the pics, today was a sweltering, hot day and I was roasting!  Thank goodness for the airport air-com!!!

So expect lots of touristy pics this coming week!!!

Love Charlie

Jewellery - ShopCharlieHearts
T-shirt  - A store in China
Jeans - River Island
Sun glasses - Primark
Flip flops - Havaianas

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Sunday, 19 June 2011


Being British the beach has always been such a novelty to me, one which never seems to wear off.
  So I feel very lucky to live near the sea and sand and try to make the most of my precious spare time spent there.

After a relaxing Sunday at the beach, Monday is major training day with a super early start!
No pain, no gain!!!!

So time for an early night and sweet dreams me thinks!!!

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Love Charlie

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Saturday, 18 June 2011


I've spent the last few days up a ladder in our garden picking plums off of our tree, I pick so many that I end up with bowls full!  Thus I wish I could be a domesticated goddess and whip up some jam or plum pies...... but alas no, that isn't in my make-up and anyway they are delicious just as they are!

I've spent the last few days enjoying my birthday celebrations with good friends.
But I am back now and with a million and one things to do, so watch this space!!!! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway....
If you didn't win this time do keep posted as there is another one coming soon :)

Loads of Love

Sunglasses ~ Primark
Nail Polish ~ Sephora

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Studio Happy!

Today I was happy to be back in the ballet studio after a few weeks rest!  Though it's always good to have a break, it always feels good to get back into the swing of things, even if the first few days may be hard! 
 Through experience I've learnt that I'm not superwoman! To ease back into training gently and not throw myself around on the first day! Tomorrow I may do though, I can't help myself!

Love Charlie

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